Lifting Clamps & Trolleys



Riley Adjustable Girder Superclamp

Girder Clamps

Girder / Beam Clamps are used as an anchor point for lifting or pulling purposes. The Riley Superclamp allows the user to put lateral load through the use of its swivel shackle.

These products are engineered for practical use where mobility is essential. The clamps are speedily applied and do not require additional tools or width adjusting components, such as spacing washers. The left and right-hand threaded adjusting bar ensures a secure grip on the beam flange.

Riley Runway Push Beam Trolley

Push Travel Girder Trolley

The Girder / Beam Trolley is suitable for many applications, it provides a mobile suspension point that can be moved horizontally along a runway beam, making it ideal for usage with a hoist or winch. We offer a wide range of trolleys suitable for many environments including the popular Saflok Trolley.

Yale Geared Girder Beam Trolley

Geared Girder Trolley

The Geared Beam Trolley / Girder Trolley, provides a safe and simple suspension point for suspending loads that can be moved along the beam / girder in a controlled manner using the supplied hand chain.

Universal Plate Lifting Clamp

Veritcal Plate Clamp

The Heavy Duty Vertical Plate clamp can be used to lift plate from the horizontal to vertical position to enable plates to be turned over.The clamp can be supplied with both serrated jaws or smooth non-marring Jaws.

Horizontal Plate Lifting Clamp

Horizontal Plate Clamp

To be used in pairs, the Horizontal Plate Lifting Clamps are a safe, simple and cost effective way of moving plate in the horizontal position. Suitable for a wide range of thicknesses and materials, with serrated or smooth jaws. Can be used with multiple sets on larger applications.

Permanent Lifting Magnet

Permanent Lifting Magnet

Lifting Margnets are a safe and simple way of moving heavy objects made from ferro-magnetic material. Lifting Magnets can be used for lifting round surfaces in addition to flat materials. They require no external power source and are simple to use.