Service, Inspection & Repair

Whether you require your equipment to be dealt with On-Site or collected and returned to you, Protier have the service for you. With over a century of experience in our engineers, we are able to swiftly and safely see to your equipment. Let Protier take the worry and stress out of keeping up to date with equipment testing and certification, using our on-site Electronic Inspection and Testing Services. 

Protier offers its customer inspection periods ranging from monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly or 12 monthly depending on the use and environment of the equipment. Whenever the inspection is due, Protier will contact you to organise a suitable time for our inspector to visit your site.

How often should lifting and accessories be Inspected?

This is a question we are often asked and the answer does depends on how the equipment in being used and the conditions it is subjected to.

In-service Inspections

In-service refers to a visual inspection prior to each use. This means that before each use, the user will have a good look over the equipment, looking for defects, checking hooks & safety catches, to ensure there is no significant wear or damage. Ensuring the Working Load Limit (WLL) tags are on the equipment and are legible. Should any defects be noted, the equipment must be withdrawn from service and inspected by a ‘competent person’ who decides whether to use, repair or discard the equipment.

Thorough Examinations

These examinations are a more detailed inspection, this may include cleaning the equipment (if necessary) and inspecting it in adequate light by a suitable trained inspector (such as a LEEA trained inspector), who also has good vision. These inspections must be documented to meet the LOLER requirements.

You must have lifting equipment thoroughly examined:
  • before using it for the first time – unless the equipment has an EC Declaration of Conformity less than one year old and was not assembled on site. If it was assembled on site, it must be examined by a competent person to establish the assembly was correct and safe, eg a platform lift installed in a building;
  • after assembly and before use at each location for equipment that requires assembly or installation before use, eg tower cranes;
  • regularly in service if the equipment is exposed to conditions causing deterioration that is likely to result in dangerous situations. If this applies to your equipment you have a choice. You can arrange for the thorough examination to be carried out:
– at regular intervals (either at least every 6 months or 12 months depending on whether the lifting equipment is for lifting people or not); or
– in accordance with an examination scheme drawn up by a competent person.
Accessories for lifting must be thoroughly examined either at least every 6 months or in accordance with an examination scheme.
Always have lifting equipment thoroughly examined following ‘exceptional circumstances’, eg if it is damaged or fails, is out of use for long periods, or if there is a major change in how it is used which is likely to affect its integrity.