Crane Attachments


Man Riding Access Cage Basket

Crane Mounted Man-riding Basket (Access Cage)

Protier offer a wide range of Manriding Baskets for use with Fork Lift Trucks and Cranes. Manriding Baskets are a safe way of transporting personnel to restricted areas. We offer a range of access platforms to suit all environments. Available as 1 man, 2 man, 4 man, 6 man & 8 man capacities, in material options of Aluminium, Steel & Stainless Steel Man-Riding Baskets.

Crane Baskets are supplied complete with Lifting Chain Slings, we can also provide safety harness which must be used by all occupants.

Crane Man Rescue Cage

Crane Mounted Rescue Stretcher Cage

Designed to allow for the safe transportation of injured personnel, the cranable stretcher cage is an essential tool for sites that would require injured personnel evacuation from restricted areas. The Stretcher cage has a capacity of two allowing one injured party and an attendant.

  • Comes complete with chains for mounting onto cranes
  • Intergrated fork pockets allow for the cage to be transported by fork lift truck when not in use
  • Stretcher included
  • up and over gate allowing easy access for casualties.
Materials Goods Cage Basket

Goods Cage / Materials Basket

Safely transport loose or palleted goods or equipment by crane. Protier offer many specifications of size and capacity. Reducing the risk of manual handling, the Materials basket has the capacity to move large loads saving the need for multiple trips and having to rig equipment individually.

  • Capacities from 500KG to 8,000KG
  • Sizes ranging from 500mm x 500mm to 3m x 3m

Options include:

  • Mesh / Solid / Cross bar sides
  • Full width opening gate
  • Steel / aluminium construction
  • Fork Lift compatible
  • Single Lifting Point or 4 point lift
Gas Bottle Lifting Cage

Gas Bottle Carrier Cage

Designed for the safe transportation of gas bottles on site. Can be used with both fork lift truck and overhead crane. Cages come complete with lifting points and fork pockets.The cages allow easy access for loading and unloading of gas bottles. Bottles are simply secured using ratchet systems.

  • Available for Forks & Crane
  • Single, Double, 4 & 6 Bottle Capacities available
  • Suitable for all standard sized bottles
  • Fully enclosed ensuring maximum safety
Automatic Self Balance Crane Fork

Automatic Crane Forks & Safety Net

Automatic Self Balance Crane Forks are designed to convert a hoist or overhead crane into a pallet moving tool, removing the need for a fork lift truck that may not be able to access restricted areas. These crane forks are equipped with adjustable forks, height adjustable and an automatic balancing system. Crane forks with automatic balancing tend to point their forks upward when being transported. This prevents the load from unintentionally slipping off the forks. Up to 2 tonne capacity available.

Mechanical Scissor Block Grab

Automatic Mechanical Block Grab

Designed to lift, move and release numerous types of blocks, bricks, flags. kerb packs etc safely on a building site or yard. Fully mechanically operated via the forklift without the driver leaving the safety of his seat or via an overhead crane/HIAB.

Standard Features

  • External handles for ease of positioning
  • Adjustable internal pack height
  • Profiled hooks for attachment of optional safety net
  • Fully automatic mechanism
  • Segmented interchanged rubber pads
  • Safety Net
Niko Scaffold Runway Track

Scaffold Runway System / Niko Track

The Scaffolding Runway System is unique to Niko Ltd and provides a solution for lifting and moving loads throughout a scaffolding support structure.


  • Clamps to existing scaffolding structure
  • Lift and move loads up to 2000kg
  • Cantilever over the end of the scaffolding
  • Available in straight and curved sections
  • Manual & Powered Hoists can be used
  • Change direction with junction switches
  • Suspend a bridge from 2 runways to create a crane system
  • Supplied in kit form for ease of installation, extension and relocation
  • Some components approved to EN795 for fall arrest