Test Weights


Hand Test Weights

Hand Test Weights

Hand Test Weights are a simple way to carry out small load or deflection tests, or for using as ballast for counterbalance machines.

  • Available in 20kg or 25kg
  • Can be supplied with cradle
  • Transport trolley compatible
Forklift Slab Test Weights

Slab Test Weights

Protier offer a range of slab test weights with a capacity of up to 100 tonnes. The test weights come in various forms and sizes, from 50KG up to 8000KG in individual pieces. We can also supply cradles to combine the weight, so that they can be lifted as a single piece.

  • Sizes from 50KG to 8 tonnes
  • Cradles available
  • Stackable test weights keep lifts compact.
  • Can be used for ballast
  • Most test weights are fitted with fork pockets in addition to crane lifting points
Test Weight Trolley Cradle

Test Weight Cradles / Trolley

Protier have a variety of cradles to suit our test weights, each one different to allow us to provide the right product to each application. Test weight Trolleys are designed to speed up and assist the moving of hand test weights, minimising the amount of manual handling required.